Our story starts in March 2007 when we adopted out first pet Nick, an abused Shar Pei. We found out that he was thrown from a moving car and nursed back to health. He was doing quite well when we adopted him from Animal Welfare. However, by August he developed a lump on his neck that was found to be Cancer. He quickly when down hill from there and we lost him in March of 2008. My wife and I were torn about getting another dog. We were still hurting from the loss of Nick.

Two days later, I came home from work and my wife said that she had something for me to look at. She had the Animal Welfare site up and a little puppy named Angel was looking at me with big brown eyes. Our house was too quiet, so we adopted her the next day. Angel, a year and a half, now goes to work with me, watches TV with me, as well as listening to the Mark Levin Show everyday. I think she knows that you like dogs Mark!! 

I just want to say, take a chance on adopting a pet. It will make you life complete.

Mike from IL