My dog Ty

My dog Ty
I want to celebrate Ty’s life because he gave so much to me over the past 12 years.  Not a kinder, sweeter, more intelligent or beautiful dog existed than Ty.  He was a tri-colored Australian Shepherd.  I had to let go of him yesterday, 6/5/09, as a mass within him burst and he slowly was losing his life. The vet and I discussed interventions but any would have put him through a great deal of trauma with no guarantee that it would not happen again in a couple of months or so.
I chose to allow the vet to help him along while I held him, thanked him for being my dog, and loved him until he couldn’t hear me anymore.
My house and my life are emptier and I am hurting with grief.  I have his younger brother, Bow, but one dog cannot replace the uniqueness of another.  Bow has refused to eat and looks for Ty in all the usual places.  At this point in my life, I have little to no family and I find myself somewhat alone so I took both dogs with me everywhere, stores, camping, walks, and trips as my companions and friends.
I still feel Ty’s spirit with me and probably will for a long time.  I have to believe that God have someplace special for our friends and we will see them again.  I thank anyone for taking the time to read this, as I have no one to share my sorrow with.

Pat from MI