Mr. Levin, thanks for all you do. I’m in the military and I love my country but boy oh boy, I’m glad I have my dog he keeps me sane.

Here is a quick story about Lad our dog. While I was in Iraq my dog Duke died, he ran into a sliding glass door and broke his neck. My wife was very, very upset. She swore we weren’t going to have any more dogs. But three weeks later she felt lonely and made a trip to the city pound. She picked up Lad. He was only a few weeks old. He is a Great Pyrenees Dalmatian mix. So basically I have a long hair Dalmatian. He has been a gift to my wife and I. We are lucky to have him in our life. He keeps her company when I am away, and he listens to me when I start ranting and raving.

Thank you
Bob from VA