When I told my wife that our then 4 yr. old son needed a dog, as every boy did, she insisted that we do our homework to get the right dog for our family.  We went through the dog encyclopedia very carefully and talked to a women in the neighborhood who owned two english bulldogs.  We then knew what we wanted.   Little did we know how right we were.  A couple of months later we brought home our puppy and for the next 11 years we had the best friend to our family we could ever hope for.  Junior was so loving and good.  He was never demanding, always patient and such a joy.  He would eagerly learn new tricks, like high-five or roll over.  He would walk with me on or without a leash, never pulling or straying.  My wife would say she knew I was coming home because 5 minutes before, regardless of the time of day, Junior would move to the door, as he knew I was about to come through it.
I said goodbye to my dear friend the other day.  I thanked the Lord for the most wonderful blessing I received everyday I was able to share with my bulldog.

Scott from FL