When I found Jacky in a field behind my work, she was so malnourished you could see her entire rib cage. She was covered with ticks and ring worm was eating at the flesh on her ears. She also walked with a very bad limp as if she had been kicked or possibly clipped by a car. My wife and I took her home that night, cleaned her up and it was off to the vet the next day. We were told she was only about a year and a half old and luckily, the limp was just a bad sprain. Jacky was always good around the young children in the neighborhood, and it wasn’t until a concerned parent told my wife she thought Jacky was a Dingo, we decided to research her breed. Much to our surprise, Jacky is a Dingo, a Dixie Dingo or Carolina Dog. These dogs date back to the founders of this great country and have been featured in Smithsonian Magazine as the first American dog. These wild dogs are now being bred and are extremely intelligent. Jacky will cock her head as if she understands, and amused us the other day when we asked where her moo moo was and she pulled the cow out of her toy basket and brought it to us! She can selectively pick out anything we ask her to bring.
Don from MS