My wife Cindy and I adopted Harvey when he was 2 years old from a local Golden Rescue chapter.  From the first day he moved in with us, we knew Harvey was special and his goal in life was to please us.
Harvey loved his tennis balls and seemed to always have one in his mouth or handy and when I cut the grass he would walk along side of me and at selected intervals he would run ahead of the mower and drop the ball, knowing I’d have to stop and throw it to him.
Harvey would never, never bark, but would give a little “woof” for a treat or to let us know the mail came.  He stayed with us for 11 wonderful years and on his last day, I knew it was time for us to part.   I had to carry him to the car and we made the long drive to the vet.  The vet also knew immediately that Harvey was ready to go to his reward. She gently gave Harvey the injection and asked if I wanted her to stay.  I told her no, but thank you.   She told me Harvey would just gently go to sleep and would feel no pain.  Harvey was sitting on the examination table and slowly started to lie down.   Suddenly he sat straight up and gave the loudest bark I ever heard and then dropped off. I’ve always taken that as a special message just for me.  Mark, I’ve lost friends and family, but never have I cried like I did at that moment.
We have a new wonderful golden and he sometimes reminds me of the great Harvey.
Thank you for all you do.

Kurt from MO