Being from California, I have moved over 30 times. As an adult, I have cared for more than 60 dogs, most of which were rescued ex-racing greyhounds. During the past 15 years, I adopted many of the dogs which were either the wrong color, too old, had a limp, or unadoptable. I loved each one as the individual that they were and when they passed the pain was almost unbearable. After each little coffin was returned to me, I wondered why I put myself through this pain. Each time, the answer came back, when I looked at my remaining three. The unconditional love given to me and returned to them is a gift to all. I can’t afford to adopt any more dogs at this time, but am working hard for future income. As it happens, my final move was to Wheeling, WV, where greyhound racing is a prominent pastime. During the season, 900 dogs race every day and are given up when they can’t compete. From what I can gather, these dogs are not destroyed but are shipped out of the area. I am not sure if they go to labs or rescue groups. I look forward to the day when I have 10 dogs again and unfortunately, more little coffins.

Cindy from WV