Goliath, Lollipop, Hank & Sasha

Hi Mark, I love listening to you at night. Your political views are the way I feel. I appreciate you and the way you are not afraid of speaking out. My pets are 4 dogs. I have a bassett whose name is Lollipop, an American Pit whose name is Hank, a chichauau whose name is Goliath, and a chow mix name Sasha. They all get along and play together just like kids. Actually, Hank and Goliath plays together more than the others.  Hank is like a big brother to Goliath. Hank has a toy box with balls, chewy toys, a bedspread which he loves to wrap up, and other miscellaneous items. Goliath starts to play with one of the toys and Hank goes and takes it away but Goliath puts up a fight. Poor old Hank has little bite marks on his lip where Goliath snips at him, but Hank just shakes it off and lays down lets Goliath crawl on him or decide to share the toy with him.

Jackie from GA