Foxy Jones

We often forget in life some of the more basic, and appealing of traits, that we should have. While working in a public school as a teacher, I was asked to take a stray dog to the shelter. She had been poorly kept, and her eyes were full of hope. She was a gaunt picture, put into my car, so that I would not leave without her. When I finally got out of school and went to my car, she was sitting in the back seat anxiously awaiting my next move. She was a sight. About, 7lbs little hair, ribs in plain view. So, having recently lost my two big dogs to old age, I embraced this little waif, and told her, “you just had the luckiest day of your life.” When I arrived home, I had forgotten it was my teenage daughter’s birthday. She immediately figured that I had brought the dog for a present and collected the little one and she fell in love with it. I told her it needed some TLC, and my wife slowly realized that small dogs can be lovable too. So, between me and my daughters and my wife, we treat this little 16lb. extremely hairy doggie like she was one of our grandchildren. She had some health issues that my vet took care of, and we now live happily with our two cats and our (not so) little dog “Foxy Jones” She is the keeper of the security, she is the one who will sit with a sick family member, and semi-clebrity of the neighborhood, having survived a coyote attack in my backyard. She is brave and loving, and she loves our kids and grandkids. And to think, I almost took her to the dog shelter. She has enriched our lives, with loving loyalty, and brave spirits.

Thanks for reading,
Joe from CA