Dear Mr. Levin,

My name is Kiah. I’m twelve years oId and I am a big dog lover. I just lost my best friend to old age a few weeks ago. One night we came home and went out to feed him. When we got to the kennel, my Duke was lying on the floor; too weak to get up. We tok him inside, and after a while he felt better. He was still so weak, though, so a few weeks later we took him to the vet and said our final goodbyes.

We buried Duke in our back yard, underneath the lilac tree where he loved to lay in the coolgrass in the hot summer. Bricks were layed around the grave, and we planted a bleeding heart tree there to remind us never to forget the dog that won our hearts.

Six months after i was born, my mother died of a brain tumor. I didn’t know her, so I guess I don’t have a very good excuse to cry for her. But I do, and when I do, I think of all of the kids who have an amazing mom and know that my mom would just as amazing and maybe even better.

God doesn’t send you the lives you want, He sends you the lives you need. Every one of the beings you have met, have impacted you to make you a great person.

I will never forget Duke. And seriously,he was the one who taught me how to walk. Make a difference in the lives of others. You’ll never regret it.

Kiah from SD