Daisy was my husband and my first dog. By the time we got her, we had four children. Our two youngest kids were only 1 & 2 at the time. Daisy was with us for 13 years. She passed away this last April. My two youngest kids, now teenagers literally do not remember life without her. She was a very sweet and loyal girl. Daisy worshiped my husband. As far as she was concerned, the sun rose and set with him. She would have done anything for him. If he was ever gone for a few days, when he returned, she would whimper, whine, and literally shudder until he gave her enough attention. She was horribly jealous of me! One night, while my husband and I were sitting close together on the couch watching a movie, I had my hand on my husbands leg. I was distracted by the movie and vaguely realized that my hand had been moved off my husband’s leg several times. It wasn’t until about the third time that I looked down and realized that Daisy was wedging her nose underneath my hand, and pushing it off my husband’s leg!! We will all miss her very much, and there is a memorial of daisies in our backyard in her honor.
Kris from CA