Cosmo, Ranger, and Chester

Our three furballs Cosmo, Ranger, and Chester are all rescue dogs.

Cosmo is a beautiful 60# mix of everything, although her behavior/temperment are that of a hearding dog.    She was 6 mos old when I got her for my birthday in September 2002 from the Reno Animal Shelter.

Ranger was our present to Cosmo in August 2003 when he was about 14 mos old (they\’re inseparable). His owner got him from a N. Cal rescue group and gave him to us.  He\’s a 60# Labrador Retriever mix, loves people and water but not so much other dogs (except Cosmo).

Chester is Llhasa Apso mixed with a huge attitude of entitlement.  We got him from Wylie Animal Rescue (Tahoe Warf website) in November 2005.  He\’s lovable and can be quite aggressive (\”little dog\” complex?).

Karen from NV