Charlie and Stanley

My family and I have rescued 4 dogs (we have 5 total). But since we live on a horse ranch, we’ve got plenty of room for our dogs. In the past 3 years, we’ve rescued a Chihuahua-mix, a pure-bread “tea-cup: Chihuahua, a registered Border Collie and a registered German Shepherd. The two smallest dogs were “found” during the dead of Winter as puppies. Basically, they were left on the road to die (and wouldn’t have lasted more than minutes had we not seen them quickly). The only dog we “paid for” was our 10 year old Golden Retriever. And yes, the horses and dogs get along fine (most of the time). Picture in your mind horseback riding on the Northern Plains with riders carrying a “tea-cup” Chihuahua and 4 other dogs trailing behind; that’s us! Here’s a picture of a couple of our dogs, Charlie and Stanley. Stan is the “tea-cup” Chihuahua.

David from ND