We adopted Briar from the Humain Society when I returned from Iraq. During the adoption I dont remember being at all excited or crazy about the idea. The kids really wanted a dog and my wife was home alot and needed some company. All I could think was I hope she is house broken. Its six years later and I believe that Briar saved my life. After Iraq I was hurting inside. I just wanted quiet and to move on with my life. She healed my heart with her unconditional love. She gave me countless smiles when she would throw away all pride roll around and whine for a treat.

When we went fishing I could talk to her for hours about things that I didnt feel comfortable talking about but had to be said. Sounds crazy I know but my life was that at the time. About 3 months ago while i was working I received a phone call that she slipped past the door and chased a deer into the road and was hit by a car. I needed her at that time in my life more then anything. She never once turned me down for fishing on the boat. She was and will always be my best friend.

Peter from MI