Beasley, Bean

I loved your book about Sprite! After my beloved boxer Beasley (10 years) passed away from cancer, I was devastated! She was my heart! She can never be replaced, but I did get a cute little boxer that I named Paula Dean Butter BEAN. I took her to puppy kindergarten, and continued taking classes. I eventually joined 2 obedience/agiltiy clubs. Bean is a little over two years old now…she is a joy! We are working hard to enter our first AKC obedience and agility competitions…which we are having great fun learning the ropes! The best thing about Bean is her sweet and loving nature…she earned her CGC/TDI certificate and we now do pet therapy. It has been a true blessing to be able to visit the sick & elderly in nursing homes…Bean brings them unconditional love and lots of kisses! Bean brings joy & happiness to others which is a true gift. She makes me smile everyday, as she is quite the clown! She brought me out of my shell after a long depression, and basically gave me a new lease on life. I love her dearly, and am truly thankful that God sent me this bundle of energy that keeps me on my toes…and we never have a dull moment!
Jayne from LA