I’ve just had my favorite dog, Angus, sent over the bridge. He wandered onto our plave a bit over a year ago. Scraggly, matted, starved and near death, he walked a few steps from under a pickup on the place.

We didn’t expect him to live but watered and fed hime and cleaned him up a bit. He survived the nite and we took him into our home. I always wondered at the stories he could tell from his long days on the road.

We became fast friends. He was clearly my favorite and I was his.

We had a great year together and I was happy to have given the old boy a peaceful, loving last time on earth.

Old age and his travels took their toll tho. In the last couple weeks he declined so quickly …. My heart broke as I watched him struggle the last couple days.

The vet said there was little to help his failing kidneys and congestive heart conditions. When he quit eating and could no longer stand I knew it was time.

Our vet is a man with soul and compassion. Linda and I stayed with Angus during the process, loving him and holding him till the end.

At 56 I don’t cry much anymore. But this morning I couldn’t help myself. I lost a great friend and miss him terribly.

Andre from MN