Zoe, our 3 yrs old Boston Terrier has passed. She was loved & adored by my 2 girls, 9 & 13, my wife & me. We gave her the best 3 yrs a pet could have. Tragically, last night we returned from an outing & when I went to the back yard(fenced in & always safe, she was no where to be found. I looked for her all over, the girls were calling her. She did not run to us in the way we came to know. I believed I saw her peeking out from unde a bush & walked over, thinking she was spooked into hiding. What I saw horrified & traumitized me as nothing has evr done in all my years. All that was left of our beloved Zoe was her face. She was loving;y staring at me when I walked over in the way she always did. Something attacked her so violentaly all that we have left is that shred & her hind leg. We are all so traumitized that we were up crying from the horror & loss last night. My wife went to school with the girls this am. We loved our little girl so much that only another dog parent coulkd understand. The end of ouir Zoe’s life was a tragedy & horror, but, as I told the girls, every night when you say your parayers, say thankx that we had the privelege of havinh her even this short amount of time.
Steve from CA