Scotty was purchased at a huge discount from a pet store in a mall in Knoxville. He had a terrible case of kennel cough. His lungs were 75% full of fluids. The University of Tennessee Animal Medicine College saved his young life even though they did not give him much of a chance. Scotty would have been put to death if someone had not bought him. And he would have died if someone had not had the gumption to see he got the best of medical care. Scotty had never been outside a caged environment his entire young life of four months. When we brought him home from UT and we turned him loose in the back yard he ran and ran and ran and ran; free at last, free at last.

Scotty is now past his 10th birthday and going strong. He has never had another sick day. By the way, Scotty is a hugger. You pick him up and he wraps his forelegs and head around your neck and hugs. The UT vet school is one of the best in America. When Obama nationalizes health care I am declaring myself a dog and will use the UT vet school.

Jerry from TN