R.B., L.B. & Molly

I have recently read your book, Rescuing Sprite, and could initmately relate to what you went through w/ the life and care of Sprite. To the end we did what we could for his health but ultimately had to make the decision to put him down because he was suffering too much. “R.B.” (Regal Basset) is buried in our back yard (I call it R.B’s place). We loved him, cared for him and he left us too soon at the age of 6. I put together an extensive Scrapbook on his life and it literally is the most expensive item I own. It will go with me in a fire. I have 2 basset hounds named L.B. (Little Basset) and an adopted one named Molly. She brought L.B.’s heart back to life physically and emotionally after R.B. died.
Thank you for writing a book that perfectly expressed what I felt about R.B. and his life and untimely passing.
Photo attached is R.B. on the left and L.B. on the right.
Karen from TX