i loved your book
is awsome
im 14 and i really cryed when i read it!
Sprite was an amazing and pretty inteligent dog, Mark, i know that you will never forgive him well me neither.
I passed from the same think as you, Mark, i had a dog named Nikki he was 16 years and he left me this year, he died of a cancer. My mother was really bad when he passed away, so was i. I know what you felt because i felt exacly the same. I love dogs and i grew up with them. Oh i had too a dog named Pantufa and he left to, i mean, we lost him. My mum and i looked up from him like in everyhere but nothing :-( oh how i miss my doggies
now i have a new one, but this time female, her name is Pucca she is only one year and my mother bougth her from the kennel.
i had a picture of her i will send it
she is so beautiful and smart, she is funny because she┬┤s always kissing me and my family. She protectes me too.
By the way i will presenting your book “Rescuing Sprite” on my portuguese class
i will talk about you and sprite oh and Pepsi too
i will not forget him
but i need some help doing that….
oh i want you to know too that i will always support your work, and i will never forget about Sprite and Pepsi. They will be always on my heart.
(p.s bad english)

Mariana from Portugal