My Dalmation

I finally read Rescuing Sprite yesterday, with my 16+ year-old Dalmatian at my side. I knew it would be painful, but it was worst than I expected. I cried so hard and it hurt so much that I literally became ill. I adore my dog. I have spent tons of money to keep him alive. The neurologist referred to him as a “walking miracle”. I don’t know how I will be able to keep it together when he does die. I hope I don’t have to make the decision to have him unthanized. In February, he ate a rock entangled in a plastic bag (he still manages to get into the trash) and required emergency surgery. I made the decision to let him go if the surgery involved removing a lot of intestine, thus declining his quality of life even further than nature already has. He survived the surgery with just a simple incision. My concern now is all of those peple out there who love their dogs as much as you and I, but do not have the option of costly surgeries and medications and good care. People, with tears in their eyes, have told me how fortunate I was to be able to elect the surgery. My dog’s surgery was $4,000. I am a teacher and $4,000 is a lot of money to me, but I would gladly do it again. I know I would have had regret and guilt and deep depression if I had not at least attempted the surgery. I have pet insurance but it isn’t much help. There needs to be some fund or some quality services for those who truly can’t afford good care. Maybe socialized medicine for dogs. I believe it was the author Harlen Edison that said, “the more I know people, the more I like dogs”.
Sue from AZ