New Boston Pug

My family lived in a small town in Texas during mine and my siblings junior high and high school years and our beloved Brittany Spaniel, Maggie was our greatest friend and companion. Once we all moved away for college she became attached to my dad and she was his best friend in the world. She was with him no matter what and he loved her so much. Living in the country and being a hunting dog she was out roaming on a daily basis and had been bit by rattle snakes a couple of times and was fine. In 1998 she was bit again and this time she didn’t fair as well, the doctor told my parents he thought she may have had a stroke because of the bite. She was left with paralysis on her left hind side and so she limped around, but she kept on going. My parents moved to Houston in early 1999 and Maggie was right there with them. The area was new to her and she was old, losing her hearing a bit and maybe her eysight and of course the limp. She got out of the gate one morning and because she didn’t have her new address and phone number on her collar and she looked like she’d been hit by a car a neighbor of my parents’ picked her up and took her to a vet and instead of trying to find the owners they put Maggie to sleep all alone and without my family’s knowledge. My dad searched and searched for her and when he finally found the person that had taken our Maggie and had her put to sleep he was heartbroken like never before. He spent several years mourning her and was unable to welcome another friend into his life until 3 years ago when my parents got their Springer Spaniel, Brutus. Brutus has helped heal my dad and they are the greatest of friends. My mom got him Rescuing Sprite for Christmas 2 years ago and it was also a healing tool for my dad. I unfortunately don’t have a picture of Maggie, but she was a beautiful liver and white Brittany Spaniel.

Robbin from TX