I was living in Houston, when our family Cairn Terrior named MacGreggor was sent to me by my partents to live out his retirement years. He was flown from Wisconsin to Texas via SW Airlines. He was 12 yrs old. I was the chosen sibling out of 6 to take him in during his elderly years because we had a special bond and I was the animal lover of the family. He lived with me and my husband for 4 more years and subsequently suffured a stroke and had to be put down. I was devestated. I drove to the vet several times with Mac and sat in my car crying. I wasn’t able to go through with it and I always ended up back home with Mac in my lap. I loved him so much! Eventually my husband noticed my torment and said he would do it. I sat in the waiting room while he took Mac in with the vet. That was the last time I saw him alive. He was creamated and given back to me in pretty wooden box. I brought him back to Wisconsin to be buried in my parents backyard where had he spent his younger years as ‘king of the yard’. It was winter at the time so we had to wait for spring to dig a hole under the tree he loved. Meanwhile my father was diagnosed with leukemia and all attention went to him for the next 4 years. during this time Mac sat in my mothers laundryroom waiting to be buried. My Father died 4 years later in October 2005. Our family was devestated again. Two beloved family members gone. The night of my Fathers Wake my 5 siblings and I went to dinner. We started to talk about Mac and how my Dad was always so kind to him. My Father loved him too. We never got around to burying Mac and he was still on the shelf in my mother’s laundryroom. We all decided at that my Father and Mac would be buried together. The next day before the my Father’s funeral we took the wooden box with MacGreggor in it and set in the coffin in the crook of my fathers arm. They were buried together that day. My beloved Father and my beloved MacGreggor. May they rest in peace. We Love You!
(PS the pic is of another Cairn but is the spitting image of our MacGreggor.)
Mary from TX