I was not able to read “Rescuing Sprite” before now. I had to have my beautiful 8 year old Australian Shepherd put to sleep last week and I am truly devastated by the loss. As was Sprite, Katie was adopted, she from the Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, a truly wonderful group. I got Katie when she was two and thought I would have her many more years than the only six I had w/her. Katie was a very healthy dog and never had a sick day since I had her. However, a month ago, she went off her feed and kept throwing up, so I brought her to the vet, where she was diagnosed as Limes positive and w/a case of acid reflux. She was given some drugs, but instead of getting better, she began to get worse, steadily losing her vitality. I brought her to a specialist who did an ultrasound and diagnosed kidney failure. I was given more drugs, but Katie continued to decline. As you say in your book, you do know when the time has come to say goodbye — the look in Katie’s eyes sad and beseeching, told the story. I stayed w/Katie during the sedation and ultimate lethal injection, holding her close and crying bitterly. I have had many dogs in my lifetime — I am 78 — and although I loved them all, only 2 besides Katie were truly unforgettable. I have been so sad this last week that I thought it was time to read “Rescuing Sprite” and it has helped so much. One thing that you wrote particularly hit home and is found on page 111, the bottom paragraph. This is exactly how I thought. The wonderful emails from Rush Limbaugh also put so much into perspective. I thank you so much for the wonderful help that your book gave me. I do not think I will be able to hold out as long as you did before getting another Australian Shepherd. I am a widow and although I have a cat, Katie was my constant companion and put up w/my ranting and raving about the abominable Obama and what he is doing to my beloved country. God bless you Mark and all the wonderful organizations who find loving homes for unwanted dogs, cats and horses, which would otherwise be either mistreated or euthanized before their time. Thank you,
Jacquelin from NJ