My roommate and I rescued a border collie/retriever puppy about 3 years ago from a shelter out here in L.I, N.Y., and although my dog Guinness was still riddled with flees and required another emergency surgery, since she had an allergic reaction to the stitches from her neutering at the shelter–we have never looked back or had a single regretful moment with her. She is more human and than many of my very own family members and beautiful friend. I have since moved on and went a separate way with my life, unfortunately, yet my roommate still has Guinness and I still pay visits to see her and she has never lost that look that she gives me when she sees me. She has never forgotten me and loves me as she did when I was her daily owner. I miss her more than any person that I have ever lost in my life. If I ever had a chance to own another dog, I would choose a collie or lab/retriever. I recently received Mark’s book as a birthday gift since I own his others but this one particular book written about Sprite, had me in tears and yet ave me such uplifting experience that very few stories have EVER done in my life and I was totally in awe until the end of the novel. It felt great to know that I wasn’t alone in my feelings for my Guinness.
Thanks for telling the story and sharing Mr. Levin.
John from NY