Grace, Ernie

First I would like to thank Mark for all you do to educate the people.  You are a TRUE American!  I have read your books – LOVED Sprite and am halfway Liberty.  Write MORE!
Only one thing wrong – you are not yet on TV!
Our beloved pet, Grace, is a very conservative kttty.  She was rescue from a crack house, five years ago.  We had lost our ninteen year old kitty, Ernie, in 2003.  Months later, when I saw Grace at the shelter, I knew that she needed a break.  She was skinny; had no undercoat; was scared to death and sat in the corner of her cage with her head down.  Her two kittens that were rescued with her had found homes, but here sat Grace looking like she was giving up.  I just knew I had to adopt her.  Several years later, she is a total transformation.  She s a beauty with a beautiful shiny, lush coat.  She has more confidence than one could imagine.  She is a DIVA and she KNOWS it!
We call her Amazing Grace.  We added the amazing, three years ago.  We had experienced a severe storm in Seattle and the power had been out for two days.  I had cabin fever and was going out for a walk.  As I tried to leave, Grace kept pushing her body in between me and the door and meowing passionately.  Then she would run back upstairs.  Finally, after about four tries, I followed her and she stopped in front of the refrigerator.  There was water running down the front panel of the door from the ice dispenser, onto the hardwood floor.  If I had gone out, we would have had to replace the floor.
Thanks Grace!!  or perhaps Lassie…………
We absolutely LOVE her.  We are building a new home and planned much of the house around her – window seats – cabinet for her litter box etc.  We got so lucky when we met Grace – the conservative cat!

Gail from WA