We were supossed to get a dog from a lady that was going to give her up.At the last minute she changed her mine. My wife was really down about that. I was on the spca web site and their was this little face staring at me. I told her to look at this. We went to the spca to check her out. She had beeen droped off in a drop box. She was closed to death. The spca saved her. They named her feather because she was so light. We wanted to get a closer look but they said be careful she snaps at everyone. I picked her up and she didnot snap. My wife talked to her and got her attention. She picked her up and she melted in her arms she knew she had found a home. She is a maltse poodle mix. She was kind of ragged looking when we got her now feather is beautiful. Your book about sprite made me realize we had done a wonderful thing for a little dog that was closed to death. She is so happy now and full of spunk.
Wallace from CA