For Ed

I said good-bye to an old friend today. He went peacefully in my arms as I stroked his warm, silky, black ears and told him everything would be fine; he’d be joining his best friend Milo soon. The pain would be gone and he would find release.

I tried to make our last hour together a good one. We went out to a field, just the two of us, and Ed got to sniff, and explore, and enjoy the warm breeze with all the scents it carried. He ate grass and cheese, in that order. I lifted him up into the car for our last car ride together; the windows wide open the way he liked it.

I have never had to make the decision to euthanize a pet before. Everyone I spoke to said “he will let you know when it is time” and they were right. He would follow me from room to room. This was nothing new, but he started whimpering as he lay on his mat, looking at me with eyes that just said “I need your help now” I didn’t want to believe the time had come, I didn’t want to be the one to decide when to end his life, but I had to put the comfort of a dog who had been a loyal friend and companion for 13 years before my own denial and grief.

I believe every dog comes into your life for a reason. Ed was not a pure-bred, agility, obedience, or any sort of “performance” dog. He was our Super-1 Foods dog, picked up on the spur of the moment, the last pup in the box. Supposedly a kid’s dog, but he was really always mine, from the first night home when he threw up round worms on my pillow as I was sleeping!

Ed’s lesson to me was about unconditional love and loyalty. I have many memories and stories that illustrate these principles. Maybe someday I will write them down so I will not forget, but not today. Today is a day for a few tears, a few smiles, and many hugs and kisses to the pack Ed left behind. I can picture him crossing the rainbow bridge and seeing a little white terrier wagging his tail saying; “Come on; this place is great! Lets go find some rabbits! I missed you!”

See you someday, old friend.
I love you.

Kate from WA