Over ten years ago, I decided to wander down to the local swap meet and rummage around in everyone else\’s junk, looking for something I just couldn\’t live without.  It was only a matter of
moments before I saw two, dirty little Chihuahua puppies in grungy sweaters, rolling around in the dirt and playing
joyfully.  I immediately called my wife. \”Teri!  Don\’t
misunderstand me, I don\’t want one, I just wanted you to come down and see these Chihuahua puppies.  They are the cutest little things you ever saw\”.  \”O.K. Michael but I don\’t want another dog!\”  At that moment, I truly believed her.  However, the minute she arrived and laid eyes on the two frolicking pups,  she just had to have one!  Teri chose the white one with the caramel head and fox-like face.  Our little Chica came home with us that day and gave us ten-plus years of shear joy!  She
became our Shitzu\’s little sister although she was Momma\’s baby from the moment she joined our family until we lost her
on May 21st, 2009.  Full of personality with quirky little
traits, she was loving, funny, jealous, possessive and sometimes testy with her sister but always the baby.  Unbeknownst to us was the not uncommon ailment of congenital heart disease small dogs are often cursed with.  Her
loving little heart was twice it\’s normal size when we lost her but from that little heart sprang the most adoring dog and
loyal creature anyone could ever have.  Her entire world was my
wife and the hole she has left in our hearts is beyond belief.  We
are thankful we saw her that day at that old drive-in which had been converted into a swap meet.  I can\’t imagine anyone else
having the privilege of sharing her little life.  She was our  baby and we mourn deeply for her but now must give all our love to Sasha, the Shitzu, who remains and too, misses her baby sister, our little Chica.

Michael from CA