I loved your book!!! My heart and prayers are with you and your wonderful family. Four yrs. ago a 9 yr. old leukemia pt. came to our clinis her treatment had left her paralyzed from the neck down. MY husband is a spine surgeon adults and peds. She had been turned away from many clinics, we corrected her scoliosis curve secondary to chemo and she was walking in 3mos. Her family and her came to our home and gave us a precious Blue Heeler puppy they raise. Chato was our world, but 4 days after his 2nd birthday he was shot 10 ft. from our porch right on our ranch!!!! He died instantly, thankffully and 2 mos. later our sweet pt. passed away! I too carry sooo much quilt about Chato’s death, I was a whisleblower to the FBI reporting a Dr.we shared office with was committing Medicaid and Medicare fraud, he is not even a US citizen, the civil case was settled one of the largest inTx. But criminally nothing happened, we had so many threats from him, but I felt and still do we did the right thing……till my Chato paid with his life? Why? How is he responsible? I do not know if faced with the same situation, if I could put my dogs in harms way! We have 7 rescue heelers and every night I thank God for their love and devotion. You are a wonderful Mark and I know Sprite and Chato are running and playing as their life will go on in our hearst forever! God bless you and your family!
Cathy from TX