I just read Rescuing Sprite.  Oh, how I cried with you, oh, how I know the pain of losing a beloved pet.  I too do rescue, mainly Pug rescue.  I must tell you about my special Rescue Boy, \”Charlie\”  I have three pugs, one a rescue girl.  I was called in to foster a Pug/Cocker Spaniel Mix named Charlie who was 1-1/2 years old and had been bounced around to three different homes already.  Charlie was my \”Sprite.\”  I turned down many a potential adopter who I just did not feel fit the match.  Secretely, I was hoping NOBODY would match and we could keep him.  One day while I had Charlie in the Pet Store to pick out a special treat for him, the owner told me of a couple, both doctors, who were looking for a rescue dog.  He wanted a Cocker Spaniel, she wanted a pug.  BINGO!  Charlie was both — he has a Cocker head and Pug body and he\’s solid black.  Needless to say, they were a perfect match.  I cried for days when they came to take him.  But he has such a wonderful home and they love him to pieces.  The bonus, I get to \”Dog Sit\” him whenever they travel.  He looks at me and I swear he\’s telling me, it\’s OK, I\’m happy, Mom!  The couple have since had twins and Charlie is so happy with his Babies!  Charlie will always be my special boy.

Jan from CT