My dog, shadow, is a mexican hairless, or xoloitzcuintli. (show- low- its- queen- tli.)xoloitzcuintlis, (aka xolos,) are usually hairless, but every 1 out of 4 or 5 are born covered in fur. shadow has fur, is a very cute dog, and we love her. (well, when she’s not peeing or pooping in the house or barking madly for no known reason.) she loves her squeekie toys, and can find the squeeker every time. she weighs about 11 pounds, and is about 14 inches to her shoulder. she is white, tan, brown, black, blonde, and a little reddish. other possible names we considered for her were lucy, noodle, hunter, bailey, baxter, (if she was a boy, we didnt know at the time), and my brother’s favorite, Ima Big Duck. (so if you lost her at the park, you would have to call her by saying, loudly, “i’m a big duck! i’m a big duck!”)she also loves her bouncy balls, like old tennis balls and lacrosse balls that we find in our woods by our house. (our neighbors have 3 older sons, who are constantly losing things in the woods.) shadow carries them around with her everywhere. she is also a very strange dog because she self feeds, she doesnt just eat because there is dog food there. she will nibble a little, and sometimes not eat for days. but when it comes to “human” food, she will eat anything. her favorite food is peanut butter, but she also loves bananas. she knows the tricks come, sit, stand, dance, paw, beg, crawl, hi-five, and down. (but she will only do these if we are holding cheerios as a reward.) she loves to go on walks down our driveway, which is 1/4 of a mile long. when we hold up the leash, she just goes insane with wiggling. since she is so small, she is scared of other animals, even little bugs. when we walk up to a statue of, say, a bunny rabbit, she will get low to the ground, her fur will stand on end, and she will either cower behind us or slowly approach it. she is scared of other dogs, but appears to love horses. (she has met our neighbors horses.) shadow is very fluffy, with long, fine hair behind her ears and on her tail. we love shadow very much.

(Morgan is 12, but Mom approved the story. That’s Mom’s email address supplied.)

Morgan from CT