Last month I finished reading Rescuing Sprite and it brought me back to the heartache of putting my dog, Sammy to sleep. I am a certified veterinary technician and I have Sammy to thank for that. In 2000 Sammy was diagnosed with diabetes. We had to give him 2 shots of insulin a day. I was a nervous wreck when I first learned how to give my dog injections. Once I learned how and became comfortable with it I decided I want to help other people learn how to help their pets. I went to school and became a vet tech. Labor Day weekend 2006, my time ended with my beloved Sammy. A wonderful veterinarian that I worked with helped my relieve his suffering. I sobbed for days. I felt like I was crazy crying so hard for my dog. I wondered would I cry this much for people. I actually bought a book on how to dealing with losing a pet because I just couldn’t deal with it. That book helped me so much. I made a shrine for Sammy and bought him a beautiful urn with a statue of a black lab (cause that’s what he was) laying down. I really enjoyed reading your book and know people will find comfort in it knowing that losing a pet hurts and it hurts a lot. You and your family have a great heart and thank you for sharing your feelings with us animal lovers!! The picture I included was from April 2006, one of my favorite pictures of him.

Melissa from NJ