Sallie popped into our lives a little over a year ago, January, 08.  We like to think of her as a rescue dog–but she wasn\’t really \”rescued.\”  She was one of 16 boxers who were owned by a man who raised them.  He tragically died around Christmas time looking for one of his dogs who ran away.  We never met him but one of his son\’s started coming to our church soon after the death of his father.  He was hoping to give some of the dogs good homes and since my youngest son has wanted a dog since . . . conception we submitted. :)  Enter Sallie–aka:  Sweetie-girl.  As a mother of three sons, I finally had a girl in the family!!

She has been nothing but a blessing to our family–a joy!! and we sure are glad she chose us to be her new family.

Laurie from NC