The year – 2003 – a friend emailed me and asked if I could foster a Pembroke Welsh corgi who needed a new home. I agreed and took Sabrina in. I soon found that she had buffaloed her owner and that was the reason she had a hard time finding a new home for her. (Her owner was relocating to South Africa). She finally resorted to involving a Corgi rescue group.

I ended up keeping Sabrina as I fell in love with her feisty personality and after a few weeks of consistent, loving discipline, I had a dog who was the light of my life. Like a lot of corgis, she needed a leader!

This picture was taken a day after she was diagnosed with inoperable spinal cancer and given 3-4 months to live. We managed almost a year with steroids but the disease finally claimed her. She left me, snuggled in my arms, eating a piece of boiled chicken, her favorite treat. I still miss her.

JoAnne from CA