Rowdy was only 3 months old when I saw him outside my kitchen windows running with a pack of strays. I live in a rural college town, and it seems every spring a certain number of dogs are left loose, as their temporary homes with students are lost. THis little white puppy, I had seen tied up at a neighbor’s house before. I took him home three times. After 3 times, I told a neighbor that if she saw that little white dog, to keep him for me until I got home, as I knew the dog warden was coming to round up the strays that week. I got home, and the neighbor leaned out the window when I pulled into the drive, and she said ” I hope you wre serious, I have that little white dog in the house!” I was serious, I went next door and picked up the little white dog. Bathed him in flea shampoo, took him to the vets. He was full of worms and needed his shots. I had to teach him how to eat his food like a gentleman. I named him Rowdy for his rowdy personallity. I avoided walking him past the house where he had been living. But one day, the lady came down the road, while I was walking him. He asked how he was. I said fine, since I had gotten him to the vets. SHe kept looking at him, and then said,”I’m glad you have him. You can take care of him. I couldn’t, that’s why I kept turning him loose.” We parted, I kept the dog, and now Rowdy is nine years old. He is the most beautiful and most intelligent dog I have ever had. He is so full of joy, and you can see it in his picture. Mark your story was wonderful. I bought it at the same time I bought Liberty and Tyranny; I’ve not listened to your radio show much, but I caught an interview on Rescuing Sprite with Hannity,and always meant to buy it. When I was coming home from work late one eveing, I caught you on the radio and heard about your overwelming response at your first book signing for Liberty and Tyranny…was wowed and ordered both from Amazon the next day. Read about Sprite first, because I wanted to find out what type of man you were. I am overjoyed to find out what a humble caring individual you are. Your character and relationships came thorugh in this book. I’m starting Liberty tonight. You have already inspired me.
Rebecca from WV