Rescued Dog

My boyfriend and I rescued a dog from a park porta pottie a cold march night at 10pm we cared for him for 2 months fell in love with him and gave him everything his little heart desired. Sadly are lives became hard when we lost our apartment and had to move back with our parents. My parents own a 12 year old dog who does not get along with other dogs and my boyfriend has a 16 year old cat so things got a little crazy.
We had to make the very difficult choice to give him to the dumb friends league :(! He was the best puppy anyone could ask for so adorable a half border collie/ german shepard mix very smart. I pray he ends up with the best family with kids and a big back yard he deserves the best of the best. I truly believe the dumb friends league will care and give my little guy a good home!
I read rescuing sprite and loved it and someday when the time is right will adopt again and provide a wonderful home for a furry friend! Thanks Mark for telling your story and i know how it feels to be sad over a dog as i am not over my little evan!!!
Ashley from CO