We rescued a 2 yr old wire-haired terror about 4 months ago and his name is Oreo, because his colours are like an Oreo cookie. Boy, does he look good.

Well my story goes as is: This is our second rescue dog and all I have to say, they are the best dogs to have. I believe it is because they knew what they had in the past and now know that have a loving family.

Oreo has been a pleasure ever since we got him. He is a quick learning and he love to be around us, sometimes too much. Nevertheless, that is ok because we are sure he did not have a good life before we got him. However, the reason I mention that is he gets very jealous when we have to leave. He loves to tear-up items and get into things when we are gone. On one occasion, I had just purchased Liberty and Tyranny for my son’s 16th birthday then one day we forgot to gate the stairs going upstairs and Nick forgot to close his door. Well you got it right; the book was torn to pieces. It was an unfortunate that the book was destroyed but we still love Oreo and he loves us so much too.

So to all the people you are unsure about rescuing a dog, please do you will not go wrong with a rescue dog.

Mark, thank you for all you do and God bless

Don from CT