Hi Mark! My wife and I are big fans. We lost our golden retriever \”Nugget\” about 2 months ago. He was our special boy. He fought cancer for 1-1/2 years. He almost made it to 13 years of life which is about as old as retrievers get. He was a blessing for us and we will miss him very much. You will be glad to know that we just adopted a new golden retriever from a shelter here in Oklahoma. He has heart worms and is about to go through treatments and it is hurting us financially but we know that he would have been put to sleep if we had not rescued him. He is only about 1-2 years old and is real sweet. We named him \”Buster\” since that is what he has done to our piggy bank. But we think he is worth it. My wife read your book about \”Spritie\” back when Nugget was still alive. I have not been strong enough to make myself read it yet. I was going to buy here an autographed copy of your book but someone bought it for here at Christmas so I never did. Will you be selling autographed versions of your new book? I would like to buy one. Anyway, she said your book about Sprite helped here with the grieving process. I am very grateful to you for that. Thanks Mark for all that you do. I listen to you every day! I feel alone sometimes until I here you talk and then I realize there are other like minded conservatives out there.

Douglas from OK