As a Chicago Policeman I was working the midnight shift with two partmers. In the middle of the night we stopped into a local district station to visit the facilities and call into out office. We were stopped by the garge door of the station by a policewoman we know who wanted to know if either of us wanted a puppy that was found wandering the streets by a uniform car withi a rope attached to her neck, no owner report could be found. All three of us said no. As we were leaving the Policewoman was still there and asked us again. She could not take the pup home because she already had 11 dogs. I said OK and put the pup in the backseat of our car. As the night progressed I fed and watered the pup. In the early morning hours we went back to out office and as the pup played around in out office she found the Sgt.’s desk and consecrated it. I had a good laugh and declared her a keeper. I told my sons that as long as she only cost me food and shots she could stay. Several years later she (Maggie) needed an operation. The boys looked worried but I had it done and paid $1200 for the proceedure. 14 1/2 years later Maggie took sick. I had to put her down in 2006. I will never do that again. I am retiring in Jan. 2010 after 42 years with the CPD and I am looking foward to getting another rescued pup (or two). Maggie never wanted for food or water (or snacks) and was a very loyal friend after her rescue from the street. Thank you for your book about rescuing Sprite.

A long time conservative listener

Barrett from IL