Meet Kelsey. We got as a pup.

My husband who had always dreamed of having a dalmation, finally realized his dream when the kids and I found an ad in the local paper in Feb of 1995. We went out to the farm and met the wee ones when they were a couple weeks old and their spots were coming in. The kids instantly fell in love with the “runt” of the litter who had a heart shaped spot on her. Also after doing much research into the breed, we knew what to look for, for a family pet.
You see, a dalmation’s spots determine wether or not they can be a show dog and Kelsey would have never been able to show and would not sell as a the others that brought big dollars. Though we bought Kelsey from a breeder, we know in our hearts that we rescued her from a life of being cooped up, as to them her only use would be for breeding.
At 7 wks old, she came home with us and it wasn’t long before she learned that “Trucking” is one of the coolest things. To this day, even though she is 14 and doesn’t have that same spring she used to have to be able to leap into the semi on her own, she reamains the constant rider and guardian of our Peterbilt.
We know her time with us is getting very limited, but she will forever be in our hearts and we will always brag about our “trucking buddy” long after she has gone on to the great “dog heaven” where we are sure that they run free and happy with no more pain.

L.A. from SD