Thought you might be interested in hearing about one of our two late pups. kayla was one of 13 born on Christmas eve 1990. as it turned out she was the dominant female, a quality she embraced w/zeal throughout most of her life. however it was her enormously broad character that distinguished her. among her stronger traits was an incredible possessiveness of family and property contrasted by what seemed to be a bottomless patience and gentleness with those she loved. the list of unigue qualities could only be bested by her intense love of family. chief among them was her insistance on sleeping between mom and dad, even @ 105 lbs. though not allowed on the furniture, kayla would sit by the bed looking longingly at the open space calling her name. then w/great patience and ninja like sleuthness, she would inch her way one paw at a time onto the bed, with the last leg quivering in spasms until literally clinging to the edge like a cartoon dog. imperceptively (at least to kayla) she would slink ever so stealth like until reaching a point where her weight alone would act as a deterent, then quickly she would spin around, her head to our feet and her cannon to our faces and settle in for the night. now gone for more than 5 years she left a permanent imprint on our hearts. we miss her deeply mostly because she embodied so much of the character we humans are drawn to, indeed that boundless, selfless unconditional love so often the domain of canines.

Allan from CA