I received my copy Rescuing Sprite today, the same day we put our Dippy (Dipstick) to sleep. Thank you so much for your compassion. I knew the time was right. There was no fighting or fear in him as we went to the vet. Both my sons helped me dig the hole under the Redbud tree. We ate pizza and then two sons, two daughters in law, two granddaughters, my wife, and I went out and told stories about our crazy dog. Everything from stealing food from the counter to getting in the trash while we were standing there, to chewing the valve stems off the garden tractor wheels and chewed a garden hose into pieces about 10 inches long. How he was so interested in what everybody was doing. When we got a new furnace he would watch the men working. How he loved to play ball and chew the water stream coming from the garden hose. How he would push the bathroom door open and watch you. My wife called him a peeping Tom. How he wanted to be a lap dog but had grown too big. As a pup he climbed up behind my son’s head while he was driving the truck and then when he got big he would try to do the same thing. He gave love beyond measure. When the grandkids came along he wasn’t sure if he liked them until he learned they were a source of good things to eat. Today he tried to eat a piece of bacon but could not. it was time to go. We all wept just as I am as I type.

Here is a picture of him smiling.

Thank you Mark, you are the great one.

I listen to your pod cast every day. I don’t miss a word.

Your loyal fan,