I meet Cyd about 5 years ago. His brother wander up to my house and We found out that it was our neighbors new pup.
neighbor said, Lucky has a litter mate at the Humane Society. So next day I made a trip to our local pound. I found him, He looked nothing like Lucky,he was skinny, long hair
fleas were bigger than him.
I started to walk away, but then I made the mistake- I ask to play with him alone. So I decided to take him home with me. Cyd was so thin that my husband called him flat bones.
. He h as been a joy in our life
. Through myspace I referred to Cyd lovingly as my pound puppy. A guy named Glenn
email me and said, you have a
Soft coated wheaten terrier- if not full blooded, almost.
Looking up th breed, sure enough all the traits sounds like my Cyd.
Though it may be hard to visit your local shelter, when you are looking for a pet, please consider adopting from a shelter. I will never forget the day I adopted my best friend from the Darlington County Shelter. Saved a life and found a new loyal friend.
Lisa from SC