My story is being written. It is about our Bullet. He bravely fought cancer for two and a half years. While receiving a necessary treatment, the greedy and cruel Veterinarians in Ft. Pierce, Florida, different than our regular vets, Cardiologist and Oncologist but recommended for an emergency blood transfusion, took advantage of having him in their facility for one procedure and filled him full of chemicals for several “diseases” that he did not have. They gave him more chemo that was not due. They shaved him in three places for procedures that had already been done, leaving him raw and sore. They did not phone me or check with his other vets before any of these procedures. We lost him soon after I fought to get him out of there, forced to wait three hours in the waiting room to get him with the people disappearing into the back, refusing to give me my baby and charging me $3000.00 for a $300.00 procedure he was scheduled for.
I made out the proper complaint to the State of Florida and heard nothing. I contacted my Representative and it is now five months and I have heard nothing. I provided everyone contacted with documents and photos.

I feel if the DBPR had done it’s job in an efficient and timely manner, cruel and greedy Veterinarians such as these would have thought twice about the botched serum that was given to 21 beautiful polo ponies in Florida. There clearly needs to be a shakeup in the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Audrey from VA