Dear Mr. Levin,
Thank you for your book “Saving Sprite” which is helping me cope with my own dog’s illness. As I go along reading your book, tears keep rolling down my cheeks – it’s as if the words & sentences in the book are echoing my thoughts & emotions.

Thank you once again for this book & similar ones (Marley & I, Dewey), which make dog lovers like me strong both mentally & physically.

Wish you, your family, neighbours, vets & friends (they are friends indeed) all the best.


Bobby, (my daughter insisted on naming her so), is 15-16 years old & suffering from similar conditions as Sprile.

She is 1/2 Lab & 1/2 Alsatian & followed me home at 4 months.

9-10 years ago she saved me a several times. Being short sighted, I failed to notice a snake in my yard. One day I returned from my daily walk with my dogs (Max passed away at age 11-12). Bobby stood between me & the snake (later I was told it was deadly one). The 2nd time I had a blackout & when I came to, I found myself sitting on the floor & Bobby standing in front of me. She didn’t budge until I could stand, which I did by holding on to her. Once she came to me & simply barked until I got up & went to see what the matter was. I then saw that my laundry had fallen to the ground. Another time when a neighbour, on the 1st floor threw something resembling a snake out of the window. We were convinced it was a snake, until it was checked out by the Muncipal worker & it turned out to be some sort of showcase curios bought in Asia

She was a very active dog, unlike the condition she is in now. I feel so helpless & guilty standing by & not being able to lessen her suffering. When I’m out of the house, I have this guilty feeling of not being at her side.

She has always been very protective of the family & her home.

Being an agressive & an unfriendky dog, no stranger dare approach our yard. Yet she accepted Banditto (a 7 years old male 1/2 Huskie & 1/2 Alsatian) & was like a mother to him. That was 6-7 years ago, when he was abandoned & a little girl brought her to me, since her family didn’t like animals.

Last week Bobby suddenly started throwing up, was unstable on her feet & stopped drinking water or eating.

The vet kept her overnight on glucose, vitamins & steroids. They didn’t do an MRI, but gave me 4 types of medicines & released her. At home she refused all the medicines. But gradually started eating & drinking. Today she is still a little wobbly on her feet, but eats fairly well & drinks a lot of water. So I’m praying for some miracle, even though deep down in my heart I know.

Doreen from Israel