Bailey, Deuce

Almost a year had passed since I had to put to sleep my Yellow Lab\’ Bailey.  As an avid dog lover I was getting the itch for a new lil\’ buddy.

My fiance and I were looking to get a new dog and decided we wanted an American Pit Bull Terrier.  We went to go look at a few specific puppies they had and loved all of them but they had a certain dog named \”Deuce\” who was a little over a year old and already house and crate trained.  He also was part American Pit Bull Terrier & Pointer.  Btw, I highly recommend this combo of dog b/c he has been perhaps the best dog I\’ve ever owned.

So we took Deuce for a walk to feel him out a little bit.  He was awesome from the get go and we fell in love with him immediately and told \”Mutts & Stuff\” that we would be happy to adopt him.

They said that they could come interview us that day at our house and we initially had no intentions of getting a dog that day but were more or less starting the search for a new dog.  But again we fell in love w/ Deuce and were even worrying about whether or not we would be eligible to adopt him since this is/was my first dog I\’ve adopted.

When they arrived later in the day Deuce was one happy camper to say the least.  He was showing off and was entertaining himself in a mirror that I have in one room that is from the floor to the ceiling.

The couple from the adoption society allowed us to adopt Deuce and the rest is history.  It\’s been nearly a year now and he\’s such an awesome dog!

I go at lunch everyday weather permitting and we go for a jog and my fiance jogs him when she gets home from work as well.  He absolutely loves other dogs and cats as well.

Lots of stories I could share about him but I don\’t want to ramble.  Nonetheless, Sara (my fiance) and I are ecstatic w/ Deuce and he is without a doubt one of the best things to ever happen to us.

Chris from MO