for 14 years I had a mixed breed dog, a lap dog (Baby). I have always preferred small dogs… but I like all sizes.

Anyway this dog meant so much to me. whenever i had problems, she was there to console me. As i heard someone else say once… She was a short kid, in a fur coat. That dog was in tune with me, she knew when i was happy, upset, or whatever.

a couple years ago she was poisoned by the tainted food that got in Walmart brand dog food. by the time I found out about the problem it was too late. I watched her waste away over several weeks. Part of me wanted to put her down, but at the same time a part of me hoped she would somehow recover. She didn’t get better, only worse. Until her kidneys shut down. I made my mind up to have her put to sleep, cause for the first time i recognized suffering… she didn’t make it through the weekend. She fought death so hard, and it was so hard watching her. finally i was petting her, i told her it was ok, she could go. within 10 minutes she passed. Somehow i know that dog understood me. She knew what i meant. If you ever had a dog that was so close to you, you know what I mean. For the 8 years I had her, she gave me so much hapiness, and joy.

After she died i researched it and found that dogs are only property, and her value would be only a few dollars so far as a court would be concerned. $20-25m or so. I just found that something so priceless to me, was of no real value to a court. There was no good reason for legal action, in my view.

If you had anything to do with the company that poisoned so many animals, you should be ashamed for what you did to so many.

Scott from TX