I rescued “Teddy” as a kitten in Tucson, AZ in 1997. He was born feral, but took well to me & my other “kids”, Jack and Shalom. We spent 11 wonderful years together — from AZ to CA and KS! Teddy became very ill last July. After many tests, it was determined that he had an incurable case of pemphigas (an autoimune disease).

After a month of steroid treatments, Teddy had resigned his fight. The disease had begun to attack his internal organs. I knew what had to be done, and the memory of that last trip to the vet haunts me still. I did it because I loved him and couldn’t bear to see my little guy in pain any longer. I think he understood. I will remember him forever — and will try very hard to constrain that memory to the joy that came long before the pain.

Jennifer from KS