Old English Sheepdogs

First want to say that you are a shining beacon for hope for our country.  Every time that I get low moments I think about some of your famous quotes.  \”People afraid of the government is Tyranny, but government afraid of the people is liberty.  Never a truer word spoken.
And as your love and compassion for pets, well. . . . .I always taught my daughter you can always judge a mans character and heart by how he treats animals.  Your love and compassion for Sprite answers the question of your character and heart.

I hope that you enjoy this alliteration that I wrote for my last three Old English Sheepdogs.
This is the best possible way that I can describe the love that I have for my dogs.

My Best Friends
Dudley the cudley cute comical canine
Romps, races, and runs in a line.
Affectionate angelic adorable Ashley,
Walks, Waddles, & wiggles to see.
Baboo the bouncing baby of them all
So Shy, sweet, and so very tall.
Lovable, loyal, lapdogs to me.
Furry faithful friends they will always be.
Abby and Ashley pictured here.  Ashley has the one black eye and Abby has the white face.  We lost Ashley November 3, 2007 at the age of 14.  We miss her, but her memory and love remains in our hearts forever.
God Bless you Mark and keep up the good work.  Just finished Liberty and Tyranny.  FABULOUS and MOTIVATIONAL.  Thanks.

Maureen from AZ